Look into my eyes

6 12 2020

You see me as I am and as I have always been. Clear, honest and full of love. I hold all of my life in my heart and if you ask me in the right way, I will give it in service to you.

You who know the ache of being separated from your own kind, the hours when you feel the heaviness of your own singular presence. No other to lighten your way. No other to enter your life and make it into something shared. No other at night when you lie with your heart open and awake. Waiting.

I feel you. I feel you want to come closer and I lower my neck to you. You ask permission to caress and I soften. I caress you in turn with my breath and I feel you open the space in you that was shuttered. Years, you say. You tell me you have not hugged anyone in years. Nor has anyone touched you. I feel your sadness like gravity.

I hold you here. Your hand rests on my neck. I am still for you. Quiet. I listen to your words of love. I hold your longing. I hold your kindness and willingness to share with me your secrets. I hold them sacred for you. I see you. I see how you have touched the place you do not speak of to those of your own.

Look into my eyes and tell me how you are and do not pretend. I will listen. I will see you.

Written for Maggie (not her real name) and for all those who are lonely for touch, love and deeper understanding. A recent survey shows more than 1.7 million people in Britain will be spending Christmas alone this year. This is twice the usual number.

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